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The Global Homestay Alliance (GHA) was established in 2019 to bring together the world's best standards-based student homestay and accommodation providers.

Our Group shares a commitment to global industry standards and advocates for student wellbeing in all aspects of the study journey. GHA supports industry engagement and is focused on delivering the highest quality student experience based on personalised services, safety, insurance, 24/7 professional support, accountability, transparency and system integrity.

GHA Members

About GHA

Global Homestay Alliance (GHA) members have been advocating for international student support, standards and quality experiences for more than a decade. We encourage diversity and actively promote the shared cultural exchange offered by homestay.

Our members operate using world-class standards, technology and best practices that are employed in every market, with every placement. GHA is dedicated to student wellbeing, focussing on selecting hosts and developing programs that foster positive mental health and create local support networks for international students.

Our services include welcoming short and long term homestays, tailored programs for high school students/under 18s, study tours, camps and independent student accommodation which are all facilitated by our local teams.

GHA has partnered with thousands of education providers, agents and industry bodies to maximise the student experience in Australia, the USA and Canada. These connections have inspired us to establish new solutions to respond to demand for safe, welcoming and affordable accommodation for international students.


Launched in 2020, (SRS) is building the future of student accommodation worldwide through an online booking app and system targeted at meeting the demands of the whole industry. SRS provides all forms of student accommodation and an array of ancillary services for international and domestic students on a safe and user-friendly platform.

StudentRoomStay Concierge (SRS Concierge) is the new USA program that incorporates best-in-class homestay previously provided through the American Homestay Network and AmeriStudent. SRS Concierge has received accreditation from the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

The American Homestay Network (AHN-USA) has been providing culturally-enriching experiences to international students since 2012. Working with the Australian Homestay Network, AHN-USA quickly developed a reputation as an industry leader through world-class operating standards, best practices and expertise in delivering quality homestay and academic solutions to students from across the globe.

AmeriStudent is a global company supporting superior experiences for students wishing to study in the United States. AmeriStudent delivers a wide array of excellent educational opportunities through partnering with schools, facilitating safe and quality homestay, and offers 24/7 support for every step of the journey.

The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) is Australia's largest and most recognised international student homestay provider. We match AHN-certified hosts with visiting international students to provide the highest quality homestay experience while they study in Australia. AHN developed Australia's first standards for the provision of homestay for international students and is considered the leader of meeting industry accepted standards in homestay.

Since 2008, AHN has placed more than 59,000 students from 180 countries in welcoming homestays across Australia. Its dedicated teams service every capital city in the country along with other key regional student destinations.

The Canada Homestay Network (CHN) is the leading homestay program management firm in Canada, having served tens of thousands of satisfied students, from coast to coast. Our best practices and due diligence help our students to enjoy every aspect of their experience in Canada.

Our vision is a more understanding, tolerant and peaceful world through openness, education and travel. With our work being its own reward, the outcomes are no surprise: long term relationships based on mutual trust with outstanding clients in the public and private sectors, across Canada and overseas.

We express our vision and values in every aspect of homestay program management: listen curiously, collaborate optimistically, guide compassionately, grow courageously, and give wholeheartedly. Our stewardship of the international student homestay program ensures that homestay is a seamless part of the overall student experience.

Since 1995, CHN has helped more than 80,000 students from 140 countries find a home away from home in Canada. CHN follows the accreditation standards of Languages Canada (  and the Canadian Association of Public Schools - International (CAPSI and is a regular sponsor of Languages Canada, CAPS-I, and CBIE.

Latest Initiatives

International Student Support Network

The International Student Support Network (ISSN) was established by the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to deliver low cost short-term housing to eligible international students identified as needing support and assistance with accommodation and living in Australia due to the 2020 economic crisis.

Start With Us

The Start With Us program has been designed to give students the best possible start to their life in a new country. Our welcoming hosts offer the feeling and support of home to help students settle in as they prepare to begin their studies, providing a positive student experience and a local network who can assist in future decision making. Students live in an approved homestay environment and receive cultural immersion through daily interaction and quality time with their host family. Hosts cover essential orientation components with their guest (transport, shopping, banking etc.) as well as providing an introduction to the community.

Start With Us is great value for money and includes airport reception, meals and utilities with flexibility so students can extend their homestay until they are ready to transition to share housing or find alternative accommodation.

MyStay English

This immersion program is designed to help students kick-start their studies, improve their English and learn about Australian culture. MyStay English provides the extra support and engagement needed to achieve academic and personal success. Our network of specially trained hosts not only offer a welcoming place to live, they also build the student's confidence and help them understand the local language, culture and people so they can study more effectively and become part of the community. Access to AHN's Online English Course gives students the opportunity to boost their English skills in the safety of homestay and learn at their own pace with guidance from their host mentor.

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